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The multimedia work displayed at Mountain Living Studio encompasses some of the finest mixed media presentations in Colorado, ranging from translucent oils on oak panels to glass beads on canvas. Our collection entails some quite inspirational and thought-provoking work, such as John Webb's multi-layered pieces and Chris Schranck's three-dimensional masterpieces.


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John Webb

John WebbJohn Webb’s inspiration for painting and sculpture finds its roots coming from many sources, but is mainly grounded in realism and mostly influenced by the Renaissance period. The techniques used in his paintings are those of the old masters, layering multiple glazes of translucent paint, preferring to keep his colors dark and intense with a modern twist. Sometimes paintings will have as many as 50 layers of paint to build up depth and create a look that is impossible to achieve with modern painting methods. John is also a very active musician, playing several different instruments and has recorded two CDs. John is also a writer and has published one novel and has attained two masters degrees in education.

One series of hand paintings were a reaction to the tragedies of 9/11 and a major school shooting that happened on the university campus where John was attending and his studio was located. People were hurting and he felt like he wanted to paint something that would remind people of our need for each other and the strength we can draw from that and the source of all life, our Creator. The paintings are done on birch and oak wood panels with several delicate layers of translucent oil paints applied in such a way that the wood grain shows through the paint. He was trying to create a series that would connect us to each other and have an organic connection to nature at the same time.

The Angel series was conceived for an Easter series for Restoration Church with the concept of showing human emotions to the events of the cross and resurrection reflected in the spirit world around us. This vehicle was chosen to remind the viewer that we are connected to the spirit world. That we draw from God and that our actions reflect back to heaven and have eternal consequences that not only affect us, but every other person on the planet as well as into eternity. The paintings are technically a culmination of the various styles John has worked with over the years, with biblical text written on the canvas as a foundation layer, with multiple layers of translucent oil paint layered over the first to build depth.

The inspiration for John's sculptures comes from his life experiences. He attempts to relate these elusive dreams to others through representational abstract forms carved from exotic hardwoods imported from Africa and Brazil. He strives to keep these forms very organic and uses no stains on the wood, keeping only the natural colors. He is currently moving toward the fusion of metal and wood in his sculptural work. John Webb

Sherry Rogers

SherryRogersSherry Rogers' passion for painting shows in her impressionistic style reflecting the subtleties of color and the play of light and shadow. She captures the joy of nature in a sparkling landscape, the delicate beauty of a flower, a quaint cottage, or a moody seascape - whether painting plein air or from a photograph taken during her many travels. She expresses much emotion and passion in her painting.
Sherry originally studied art in Manhattan Beach, California, where she was awarded 1st and 2nd Places in the Manhattan Beach Annual Art Show. She then set her paints aside until she began painting again after a 20-year hiatus. Sherry Rogers Multimedia Paintings

Al Bessette

Al BessetteAl Bessette is a Visual Artist, residing in Manitou Springs, Colorado, with his lovely companion, Brigitte. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Arts Education and a Master of Arts degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Northern Colorado. In addition to his degrees, Al has taken several graduate courses in Fine Arts. He taught high school and middle school art for sixteen years and served as a middle school administrator for the remainder of his thirty-year career as an educator in Northern Colorado. Recently retired from education in June of 2006, Al moved to Manitou Springs to focus on his art. He works in a variety of art media, including painting, drawing, basketry, and mixed media. His current focus of artistic expression is surrealistic mixed watercolor media paintings. His work consists of dream-like images in which human figures emerge from stone or rock formations, bringing the inanimate to an animate state through the fusion of the human form with nature. These images foster the philosophy of animism, a Native American belief that everything in the universe, whether animate or inanimate, has a soul. Al’s future artistic endeavors will include the continuation of his surrealistic animistic works in both mixed watercolor media paintings and oil-based color pencil drawings. In addition, he is planning a series of large abstract texturally oriented acrylic paintings, and another series of acrylic paintings with an inner space theme, capturing microscopic imagery on canvas. Al’s paintings and prints of his works are currently for sale exclusively through Mountain Living Studio. Al Bessette Art